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Vasco Pre-wash Tixotrop

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VVASCO Prewash Tixotrop touch less tar remover from Sweden is in a class of its own. It is a unique and effective cold degreasing agent for vehicles and other hard surfaces contaminated with asphalt, road salts, oil, grease or other dirt.

VASCO Prewash Tixotrop Contactless Tar Remover
Vasco Prewash is a unique product for removing tar, asphalt and road dirt. Thanks to its gel consistency, the product does not run off vertical surfaces and does not dry out like typical products for removing tar on a solvent base. Vasco Prewash is a cold degreaser. Therefore, it is one of the safest to use tar removers on the market.

Why Vasco Prewash is the best choice for removing tar from a car?
This product is a total game-changer when it comes to removing tar from vehicles. Vasco Prewash. Unlike most tar removers, this product is not solvent-based; it is a “cold degreaser”. The most important feature of this product is that, with proper use, you can remove tar from the car contactless, without the need to wash the car beforehand; the second essential feature of Vasco Prewash is that the product is completely safe for all external surfaces, does not damage plastics and other delicate surfaces.

Another advantage of this product is that it removes tar and general dirt when used on a dirty car. Vasco Prewash is not a price competitor of the cheapest tar removers, but due to the time saved, from our perspective, it is the most profitable product on the market. The estimated cost of removing tar from 1 car when buying a product is about 2.5-3 euros per car if we buy a 25l drum. Check out our blog to find out more about tar removers.

How to use Vasco Contactless Tar Remover:
Shake the bottle well before use and apply the product on a dry surface
Spray (low-pressure sprayer) an even layer over the surface
Leave for up to 30 minutes or even longer for particularly ingrained dirt
Rinse off with a hose or power washer from the bottom up
Avoid applying on rubber surfaces
Avoid applying in direct sunlight

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