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Fleur Designer Fragrance Diffuser

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Fleur is a magical scent that is luxurious, lush & liberating.

Scent profile:

Made from Bulgarian rose, acacia farnesia & May Blossom
Subtle notes of parma violet and bourbon vanilla
Soft & sweet floral tones
Inspired by a designer feminine scent
Made from natural oils

Directions of use:

1. Unscrew the top of the diffuser and remove the plastic plug then screw the top back on and secure.
2. Turn your Designer Fragrances diffuser upside down for 3 seconds to completely saturate the wooden cap.
4. Turn the bottle upright and hang freely.
5. When the scent from the diffuser begins to fade, give the bottle a shake and turn upside down for up to three seconds then rehang.

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