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Deep Clean Detail Deposit

Tax included.

 If your looking to completely clean your vehicle both inside & outside, this package thoroughly cleans, disinfects and protects the entire vehicle. 

Exterior is decontaminated, 2 bucket safe wash, arches thoroughly flushed(wheels off clean can be added), wheel barrels , engine bay and fuel cap also cleaned.

Interior is thoroughly vacuumed, wet vacuumed, fabrics/headliners are steam cleaned. Leather is deep cleaned to reveal its OEM matte finish, conditioner applied or coating can be added. All other surfaces are safely cleaned, cracks & crevices all flushed of built up dirt. Odour eliminator is used depending on interior condition.

Comes with a 1 month sealant(beadmaker/BSD) as standard but can be upgraded to our 6 month Sonax PNS ceramic sealant at an additional cost.
Additional costs may apply to heavily soiled vehicles like excessive dog hairs & smokers cars.

Full package from €180 or from €220 with PNS


Terms & Conditions:

€50 paid deposit will be used against end price

Once we have received this, one of our detailers will be in touch to get you booked in. 

Deposit is non-refundable

If you do not show up on the day agreed without prior notice your deposit will be lost

If you wish to reschedule your dates please allow 10 days notice

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