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Cone attachment for Coatic© Flex pxe80 and Coatic Rupes Extensions

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Coatic© Cone attachment was designed to seamlessly integrate with existing Coatic© extensions for the rupes ibrid and flex pxe80.

The Unique bullet shaped design was engineered for optimum spin and weight for enhanced control and polishing abilities in hard to reach areas. Simply insert the cone into the hardware and tighten it using a 1.5 allen key (not included)

Coatic© cone attachment comes with an extension bolt which will fit into our Coatic© 70mm extension for the Flex pxe80.

Coatic© cone attachment will fit into the Coatic© 70mm/100mm extension for Rupes Ibrid and the branded Rupes ibrid extension currently available on the market.

Please note this is a premium grade product made from premium grade TA2 Titanium.

Only Cone attachment, Grub screw and Extension bolt for Coatic© flex pxe80 are included.

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