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Coatic© M6 Nano Polisher Extension(ibrid)

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Our Coatic 70mm and 100mm Extension arm designed for RUPES iBRID nano M6 1.0 thread nano machine polishers – a must for professionals looking to utilise a high quality titanium extension.

Unique and engineered for optimum spin and weight for enhanced control and polishing abilities in hard to reach areas.

The idea was to create a premium and unique extension arm which can be further customised with upcoming parts from Coatic©.

Made from premium grade TA2 Titanium.

L69.85mm W⌀11.04

Design Rights have been Registered.

This Extension arm is compatible with all known nano polishers which utilise a M6 1.0 entry (rupes ibrid, cartec uk Nano polisher, Autobrite MP3, SPTA nano polisher, carbon collective hex nano & liquid elements a1000).

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